Pirates Chai All Matcha Latte. Why Pirates Chai? BETTER: RARITY! •TASTE •QUALITY •HEALTH •VALUE •PROFIT •EFFECT! •DISTNCTIVE TASTE! True gourmet PIRATES CHAI ONLY sold to independents sets you apart for MORE REPEAT BUSINESS. •CAN'T be had anywhere else. PIRATES IS RARE and hard to find. •100% Matcha tea: catechins 100X delivery—EGCG antioxidant free radical scavenger of highest order •1/10 the footprint of liquid chais; 1/4 that of other powders •NO refrigeration NO waste NO spoilage NO mess. no filtering, no straining, no water! •PIRATES is Easily prepared 1 cup at a time. •Small Batches of PIRATES ALL MATCHA LATTE made to your order! •PIRATES is Higher quality by far—although easy to prepare, you are giving your customers MORE value for money. •PIRATES' COST compares well to other chais THOUGH PIRATES' INGREDIENTS ARE FAR MORE EXPENSIVE! •PIRATES: A first brew tea, NOT tea extract nor pre-brewed liquid watch out for ground black teas never meant to be ingested! •NO tannic acid or processed sugar to rob minerals from bones and teeth •NO solvent residues in PIRATES spice extracts •QUIZ US about our ingredients—They are the best—OUR INGREDIENT COST IS 20-100 TIMES THAT OF OTHER CHAIS. •Less sweet—More spice •Brew PIRATES hot; ice after brewing; smoothies or ice blend— be creative! Even PIRATES ice cream; baked goods •More Profit per cup+More repeat business=More profit more often •Caution! PIRATES may be habit forming!!! •POWERFUL EFFECT YOU WILL FEEL! Basic Preparation: •Steam milk (160F) or soymilk** (170F). Matcha normally brews @175F. •NO steam? Heat Milk** in a small saucepan. Do not boil. •DO NOT FROTH. put the steam wand all the way in to heat w/o froth. •Fill glass or cup halfway with milk**, leaving room to stir vigorously. •Add PIRATES CHAI to hot milk**; Use 1/2 oz. Or 1 Tablespoon (the Blue Scoop) or ENTIRE PIRATES CHAI sample package contents per 12 oz milk/soymilk** (aroma samples are NOT to be brewed). •Stir vigorously, check for unsaturated Matcha at bottom of cup. •Fill cup with remaining milk/soymilk** and stir once. Serve immediately. •Stir, or Swirl the cup from time to time as you enjoy PIRATES CHAI! •It’s a good idea to brew in a glass at least once, so you can see what is happening when you make PIRATES CHAI. •no filtering, no straining, no water. •ALWAYS keep PIRATES CHAI in an opaque container. **Any creamy base will work. if dairy, whole milk will best support PIRATES' spice blend. If soy, rice, almond, etc., Prefer Unsweetened to "Plain" or "Original," as they have refined sugar added. •For strong green tea & spice flavor, use EXTRA PIRATES CHAI! AARGH! full pirate strength less sweet-more spice The absolute best.


Matcha tea is ingested 100% with all its nutrients. No leftover used tea leaves. High order free radical scavenger.

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