Original Pirates Chai:
•Add 2 tsp (10ml, 1/3oz) Pirates Chai™ to 8oz (1 cup) hot milk (160F)
•Stir vigorously, breaking any clumps.
•For 12 oz use 1 tbsp (15ml, 1/2oz.)

•Prefer Whole Milk to Lowfat or Nonfat* (160F)
•Prefer Unsweetened to Plain soy, almond or other milk substitute* (170F)
•No filtering, No straining, No water.
•Brew very hot with no foam*
•Brew strong & hot to make iced chai; for blended don't heat
•De-clump and saturate all tea powder; sugar pebbles dissolve later*
•Stir as you enjoy Pirates Chai™, as Matcha will settle*
•Keep Pirates Chai™ sealed in its bag.*
*You may use any creamy medium. We recommend unsweetened soy or whole milk, as opposed to plain soy/vanilla soy/lowfat/nonfat milk, to support our spice blend and let the mapley molasses flavor of the muscovado sugar come through without other added sugar. Whole milks support the spice blend better than low or nonfat.
*Use unsweetened: PLAIN soy DOUBLES the amount of sugar in a chai with WHITE sugar. Plain soy is NOT unsweetened. This goes for rice, almond milk, etc.
FOR EVEN LESS SUGAR: follow instructions above, let sit just 5 seconds after stirring, then pour into a second cup, leaving behind undissolved sugar in the first cup. You can cut the amount of sugar by up to 50% and still get all the tea and spice because sugar sinks to bottom at first. BUT ONLY DO THIS if you are already using UNSWEETENED, NOT PLAIN soymilk, or whole milk. First, cut the cheaper, lower quality white sugar and do it more easily by using the unsweetened milk. WHY would you dump the gourmet brown if you are doubling up on the white sugar by using a plain (sweetened) soymilk?
Buy Pirate's Reserve for more matcha, less sugar.
*HOT means about 160F for milk, 175F for soy etc. Cows Milk heated too hot will ruin the flavor; not enough heat won't brew the tea as well or dissolve sugar easily. Milk can take less heat than soy. Green Tea brews at 80C (about 175F). Don't froth the milk when steaming; Matcha is a superfine powder, and the particles can attach to small air bubbles in the foam and as the tea sits a minute, bubbles rise to the top and create a very green layer of tea with strong tea and little chai taste. You get a 'wheat grass' effect.
*Stirring or swirling the cup as you drink mixes the sugar pebbles that have dissolved at the bottom of the cup, and keeps the Matcha tea in suspension. Matcha is ground tea leaf—it's the one ingredient that doesn't dissolve, so you must keep it suspended by stirring or swirling the cup or it will sink to the bottom, and give you a concentrated 'last gulp.'
*Keep your bag of chai in a cool dry place. Don't use the refrigerator unless it remains fully sealed for a long period or is an unopened bag. We have conflicting information about freezing unopened bags of chai and Matcha. We have done it in the past with what seem good results. A Matcha expert is telling us to just use the refrigerator, again, only on unopened bags as stated above. In any case be sure to let Pirates Chai™ come to room temperature before opening, to keep matcha from attracting condensation which would wet and ruin the tea.

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