Dear Pirates Chai Customers: In 2017 we finally have had to increase retail prices for the first time since we began in 2003. For new customers this may come as sticker shock, but we'll attempt not to raise prices again for 15 more years! Veteran customers must have been waiting for the shoe to drop for some time. Know that we held off as long as possible. Consider: has anything else of quality gone up only 12% over the last 15 years, especially food? Pirates Chai thanks you for your continued loyalty.
Large Pirates Chai 27oz bag-$89 (makes 81 cups=5.1 gal)

Large Pirates Reserve (less sugar, 35% more matcha) 27oz-$109 (makes 81 cups=5.1 gal).

Small Pirates Chai 8.5oz bag-$34 (makes 25 cups=1.6 gal).

Pirates Chai Trial/Travel 2-Pak-$5.50.
(1 oz.; Makes two 12 oz servings or three 8 oz servings.)
New lower price
and only 70¢ postage ea. packet.

Flat $6 shipping/handling applies to most orders (USPS rates went up 28% in 2016 on Flat Rate Envelope).
Our address for Paypal payments is:

Please be sure your shipping address is current. All Domestic Priority packages are insured. Intl shipping: $37 per 2 large bags or fraction (rates keep rising). Any shipping overcharge immediately refunded. International priority is now insured to $200! Claims, however, because of USPS policy, are the BUYER's responsibility.


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